US Vetoes UN Ceasefire Resolution in Gaza: World Reacts with Fury

Explore global reactions to the US vetoing a UN resolution for a Gaza ceasefire. Leaders, rights groups, and nations criticize the decision, citing risks of complicity in war crimes and a callous disregard for civilian suffering.

US Vetoes UN Ceasefire Resolution in Gaza: World Reacts with Fury
The scene at Nasser hospital following Israeli strikes, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, December 9, 2023 [Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/ Reuters]

The international community erupted in condemnation after the United States vetoed a United Nations resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This move came amidst a devastating conflict that has claimed the lives of thousands and displaced millions.

Palestinian President Condemns Veto:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas fiercely criticized the US action, calling it complicit in war crimes and a blatant disregard for human life. He stressed the devastating impact on innocent civilians, particularly children, women, and the elderly, directly holding the US accountable for their suffering.

Outrage from Human Rights Groups:

Human rights organizations expressed deep concern and outrage at the US veto. Amnesty International's Secretary-General, Agnes Callamard, accused the US of callous disregard for civilian suffering and undermining the credibility of the UN Security Council. Human Rights Watch echoed this sentiment, stating that the US's continued support for Israel risked complicity in war crimes.

International Community Divided:

The US justified its veto by claiming the resolution lacked balance and ignored reality. However, other nations voiced disappointment and concern. The UK, which abstained from the vote, highlighted the need for both sides to adhere to international law.

Global Call for Unity:

Despite the divided opinions, the international community urged a unified approach to end the conflict. Concerns over the humanitarian crisis and accusations of war crimes remain at the forefront, pushing the world to unite and seek a lasting resolution.