Thousands March in Berlin in Solidarity with Palestinians Amid Ongoing Israel-Palestine Conflict

Join the solidarity march in Berlin with thousands supporting Palestinians in the midst of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Discover the calls for peace, ceasefire, and an end to the violence in the region.

Thousands March in Berlin in Solidarity with Palestinians Amid Ongoing Israel-Palestine Conflict
The demonstration was called by several associations supporting the Palestinians. / Photo: AFP

Over the weekend, Berlin saw a significant turnout as thousands of people took to the streets in a show of solidarity with Palestinians, expressing their concerns about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Here's a recap of the event:

The Rally

The event began with an estimated 3,500 participants, but more people continued to join as the day progressed. The peaceful atmosphere prevailed throughout the rally, with many families and children in attendance.

Powerful Messages

Protesters carried placards with messages like "Save Gaza," "Stop genocide," and "Ceasefire" to highlight their concerns. The participants, including many who wore the traditional Palestinian keffiyeh scarf, gathered at Alexanderplatz in central Berlin, chanting "Free Palestine."

Organized Support

The rally was organized by several associations advocating for the Palestinian cause. While the organizers expected around 2,000 participants, the police had estimated that the turnout could reach 10,000. To ensure safety and order, approximately 1,400 police officers were deployed to oversee the march, which was scheduled to conclude around 1800 GMT.

The Ongoing Conflict

The rally took place against the backdrop of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Israeli forces had surrounded Gaza's largest city, attempting to quell Hamas in response to earlier raids into Israel. Tragically, Gaza's Health Ministry reported that over 9,200 Palestinians, primarily women and children, had lost their lives in Israeli airstrikes and the escalating ground campaign.

Tensions and the Ban

Given the recent ban on activities linked to Hamas and the Samidoun association in Germany, authorities were concerned about potential tensions at the demonstration. The ban, officially implemented on Thursday, came after Chancellor Olaf Scholz's announcement two weeks prior. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser faced criticism from the conservative opposition for the delay in enforcing the ban.

This rally in Berlin underscores the global concern and support for Palestinians as the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to unfold.